Diamonds certification

Investment diamonds the importance of certification:

There are people still skeptical about the possibility of investing in diamonds thinking that it is an investment that cannot lead in the long run to the same satisfactions as an investment in gold.

This belief is wrong. In fact, it is enough to follow the growth trends and development projections of the comparative markets that experts in the sector estimate from now to twenty years. The value of diamonds is expected to increase steadily.

Another factor that should not be underestimated: the euro / dollar exchange rate is permanently very positive in favor of the euro and is a reality that should not change in the coming years.

This is of fundamental importance because, as is well known, diamonds are always bought and sold in US dollars. This system allows European investors to obtain a really important "gain".

The certification

To really make an excellent investment and to be able to obtain an excellent profit it is important that the diamonds chosen are all in possession of a guarantee certificate.

The guarantee certificate must obviously be valid in every part of the world and must in fact have been drawn up following all the international standards envisaged for this area.

The certificate must therefore contain all the data relating to the diamond and its characteristics; the certificate must also bear the signature of an internationally recognized gemological institute.

Among the most important certificates we must certainly remember:


Hoge Raad voor Diamant issued by the Antwerp High Council of Diamonds


International Gemological Institute also based in Antwerp


Geomological Institute of America based in Los Angeles where the diamond grading system used internationally today was invented

The importance of certification at the time of sale

Certification is obviously important when selling investment diamonds. Only diamonds that are in possession of an internationally recognized certification can be sold without any kind of difficulty, for other diamonds the sale could be a bit slower.

In fact, although there are many other excellent institutes that offer certification, the fact that they are not very well known generates a series of doubts to the potential buyer about the reliability of this certification, with consequent lengthening of the time for the conclusion of the negotiation due to the request from Buyer part of diamond verification by most accredited institutes.

Having an excellent certification makes everything much easier and faster.